Bead Crochet Bangles

I've been obsessed with making crochet bangles recently, some solid colors and some with patterns.  Here's a look at a few I've made recently.  I love the weight and chunky-ness of the size 8/o seed beads that I've been using, also easier on the eyes with the stringing and crocheting!  The size 11/o seed beads are much smaller to work with, but their small size make these bangles look so delicate.  These are so fun to make and I love watching the patterns grow.  They are all very, very flexible and sturdy.  Available for purchase at my Etsy store,


  1. do you use elastic to make them? or simple cotton thread?

  2. I use size 10 cotton crochet thread with the size 8/o beads and nylon top stitching thread with the size 11/o beads. The bangles aren't as stretchy as I'd like, but still have a decent give to them.