Bead Crochet Bangles

I've been obsessed with making crochet bangles recently, some solid colors and some with patterns.  Here's a look at a few I've made recently.  I love the weight and chunky-ness of the size 8/o seed beads that I've been using, also easier on the eyes with the stringing and crocheting!  The size 11/o seed beads are much smaller to work with, but their small size make these bangles look so delicate.  These are so fun to make and I love watching the patterns grow.  They are all very, very flexible and sturdy.  Available for purchase at my Etsy store,

New Blog!

I just created this blog as a supplement my Etsy site, for updates and special promotions.  This is just a work-in-progress right now, but check back soon and hopefully I'll be updating often!

Thanks for visiting!